Spoof Party Political Broadcasts

Channel-4 News has been running some spoof Party Political Broadcasts >>here< < they have been made through the Quiet Storm ad agency by Lee Ford and Dan Brooks, creators of 2005's most forwarded viral email, the spoof TV commercial where a suicide bomber blows himself up in a VW Polo. This is their take on the nature of the party political broadcast. Labour – Wakeup
Liberal Democrats – Safe Hands
Conservative – Clean Me

The Labour and Lib ones are ok, they are amusing and most definately a spoof… I’m not sure that the Lib one is not actually a “Vote For Labour” ad, it seems to demonise Conservatives. not have much to say about labour, but take the piss out of the Liberal Democrats.

However, the Conservative one is inspired… if I was of the nature to be moved by such things to actually make my mind up, then this one would do it for me. It is way better than anything the conservatives are doing at the moment. I think that film alone would get any floating voters with conservative tendancies to get off their arse and vote.

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  1. Just stumbled across this – while looking for party political broadcasts from years ago. Must say, I have to agree with you – the Conservative spoof is rather good. I found the Lib Dem one rather hilarious.

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