Lords of Midnight 2012

Follow this link… for all past blog entries for the new version of Lords of Midnight

All blog posts have now also moved to www.thelordsofmidnight.com

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11 Replies to “Lords of Midnight 2012”

  1. Hi Chris,

    if you could do an Android version sooner, that would make you more money ultimately. Loads of ’80’s geeks like me, who would more readily play on phone than PC! Remember, 75% of all smartphones shipped in the last quarter were Android 😉

  2. Unfortunately, shipping and purchasing apps don’t go hand in hand… Also having to test against so many devices is problematic, and being in so many stores. Lead platform is iOS, Blackberry, then android. Hopefully without too much time Android will trickle out relatively soon after the others…

  3. Thanks for the reply, Chris …. fair enough, don’t take too long 🙂 emulators are OK, nothing like a proper coded game though!

  4. I will never be seen with an iPhone. It comes from a fascist company with fascist rules. Instead I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 2…
    No hurry, Chris, but just wanted to let you know where some of the customers stand. 😉

  5. Chris, do you have a high resolution image of the Map of Midnight that appears in the manual? I’d like to be able to print it out for reference while playing, but at A4 size the text is unreadable.

  6. Chris. Just found your graffiti! Led to a massive hunt, & found our quarry, but he doesn’t seem to want to talk to Free or Fey! It is a Luxor / Morkin only thing??? You’ve done a cracking job on this conversion. Love it! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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