By Chris Wild, Jure Rogelj and Mike Singleton

New Features - Default Front-end

and there were dragons...

morkin is dead, slain by skulkrin...

Panoramic sky - Night and Day Graphics
All graphics can be drawn using an Alpha Mask
All graphics are stored in 24bit palette mode. Each graphic has its own palette but is displayed in either 32,24,16,15 bit colour mode.
Palette lighting effects are used to distinguish night and day ( or parts thereof )
There are no scaled graphics; Although this may seem daft to still have graphics for each size of a terrain, this allows for different detail to be drawn on distant terrain.
Icon Driven
Auto-Mapping support. I only intend to show explored areas and will mark the last known position of Doomdark's armies. Thus you can see where one of your characters last saw an army. If the army moves you won't know about it until you revisit that location again.
Select people from off the playing screen.
Tool-tips for information for things on screen.
"Who is with me?" option.
"Who have I not moved?" option. - You can flag a character as being finished with or you just want to ignore them. An icon menu can then display all characters who can move who have not been flagged. This makes keeping track of you characters easier.
New Graphics Sets - Spectrum default, WinLom99 ( by Jure Rogelj )
Proper Load/Save option.
many many more...

screenshot showing character selection

Programming Information
Written in C++ .
Code Separated into Client / Server - Front-end / Backend.
Code Separated into DLL's to allow easier extensions.

Things I would like to see added
Character "follow" command.
Character "goto" command.
Network Support.
A plug-in Interface to allow easier code modifications and enhancements.

Tower of the Moon