By Chris Wild, Jure Rogelj and Mike Singleton


The first thing I want to achieve is to allow easy configuration of new
games. In order to facilitate this I have to:-


you have found horses...

After much soul searching I made peace 
    with myself and decided to break many of
    the originals data formats or compression
    techniques. This allows me to expand data|
    much easier.
Configurable MAP Dimensions
Expand the game map to allow up to 255
    terrain types, 255 objects, 255 areas and 8
    bit flags per location

as much game specific code.
spectrum graphic routines to allow greater
    flexibility; ie: Shields, Terrain and People
tokenising text to allow easier translation
    and expansion.
32 character limit.
128 Wandering armies limit.
army unit size limit.
army 5 person resolution limit.
102 Citadel and Keep limit.
112 routing node limit.

the mountains of toomog


recruiting armies...

ability for more commands for Doomdark's 
    Wandering armies.
ability to add new races
data to the characters to allow more 
    configuration of the character.
more data table driven functions.
character control independence to allow 
    multi-user facilities.

Characters Full and Short name.
Characters Face Graphic
Characters Body Graphic
Characters Shield Graphic
Character Movement tables
Position of the Moon Ring
Position of the center of the Ice Fear
Take stuff from both LOM and DDR to allow both games to be run.


Can character hide?
Can character have an army?
Can character have a horse?
Can character carry the Ice Crown
Can character destroy the Ice Crown?
Can character use the Moon Ring?
Can character find the Moon Ring?

preparing for battle


Tower of the Moon