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Just finished ‘Bag Of Bones: Stephen King’ on Sunday. I really enjoyed it, had me gripped over the weekend when I read most of the 660 pages. I also finished The Water is Wide:Pat Conroy’ last week. I really enjoyed it, even if it has taken me months to read a rather small book, but hey things got in the way. It’s nowhere near as good as Beach Music though, but then he did write TWIW almost 30 years ago!

Before that I finished ‘The Electric Michaelangelo:Sarah Hall’ I did enjoy that as well, but I’m not sure what is required to be on the ‘booker shortlist’. I guess having just finished a Stephen King novel and just started another ( The Long Walk, written under the name Richard Bachman ), it made me think about all that literature snobbery that goes on. I would say that TEM is a better written book, ie: use of words and language, however, Kings’s stories are ALL better – and to me, that’s the important thing.

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  1. Yes, the long walk rocks. You sure do read alot, when are you gonna ditch that catapiller act and metamorphisis with your own novel? -ahx

  2. The secret of writing, is reading. 🙂

    I wish I could knock a Novel out like Stephen King – written in 3- 6 months. But I’m still learning the craft, so it’ll be a while off yet.

  3. stories over words and language? a tiny bit of prose (such as a snippet in joyce) can move me a hell of a lot more than story. i guess you’re confusing hollywood excitement with the literary. that isn’t to say you can’t excite in your lit pleasures. but you did place the plot/story over language words. so-called ‘snobbery’ is related to the above. a good story can leave your head in seconds, but powerful words and language, they can stay wth you for a lifetime.

  4. but is it snobbery? what do you remember in the long term? the prose or the plot? crikey, there is a damn good plot most weeks in CSI Miami, but there is no way i would grant them literary status. if you are in any doubt what good lit is, then sheet, you aint doin it righ sister! and i say that with heartfelt stuff, i want you to appreciate what i do when i read this stuff! 🙂

  5. I guess I don’t read Novels to be moved. If I am, then that’s a bonus. I read poetry and listen to music to be moved. I’m not sure that powerful words have anything over story. Both can leave your head in seconds, both can remain with you forever. I read a novel for the story not the prose. Long term the prose will be forgotten and only the plot remains. I’m not confusin either; I just believe that Authors like Stephen King are given a hard time by their peers for nothing more than snobbery and jealousy. As if it’s a bad thing to write a good story!

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