Gods Behaving Badly

Gods Behaving BadlyI’ve just finished reading Gods Behaving Badly. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a nice simple easy read. But a well told story, funny, and actually pretty clever. I learned more about and in the few hours it took to read the book, than I ever did at school or since. I also found myself being interested by that side of things. Maire, there’s something in that for providing books for education!
The book moves at quite a pace and I found myself constantly wanting to keep going; quite a page turner. I love the irreverance of it all and the characters nonchalance to their situation. Their is plenty foul language and sex in the book, but it too, is just so throwaway. But also, there are a few moments, slight paragraphs, that made me momentarily drop out of all the fun, and think for a moment, before rushing head long back..

There was only one moment where I thought an element of had been applied which was a slight let down, but not actually that great in the scheme of things. One could probably argue that it is totally inkeeping with the theme of the story.

The premis of the story is clever and well done, the writing is accomplished, the humour and observations well handled – Marie has release and excellent first Novel. I’m sure it will do very well and I look forward to the Film version.

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  1. Deus ex Machina! Yes, very appropriate! I’m not sure which bit you mean but don’t forget that Hermes is the god of coincidences. If Hermes has been anywhere near it then he is the Deus ex that particular machine.

    *So* glad you liked it. I wil let you know when the film comes out!

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