Do I StillÖ
A Pocket Full Of Secrets (Part I)
Being In Love ...
Belongs To Me
Cancel The Words
Cocktail Of Tears
Cold Emotion
Cold Silence
Dancing Like She Meant It
Days Of Yesteryear
Does the future still excite?
Dream Child
Dreams, Screams And Faerie Tales

Empty Conclusions

Fading Lights
False Tears
Forever In Love

Forgive Me Father
Goodbye Judas (A Bitter Reward)
Handful Of Words
Have A Drink With The Wise
Heard Those Words Before ...
Hold Out My Hands
I Can
I Could ...
Injustice Of It All
I Once Caught Cupid...
I Question
I See Clearly Now
Left Behind
Little Else To Do
Long Overdue
Look What Iíve Become ...
Lost In A Sense Of Guilt
Maybe I Am (What I Am)
Men With No Soul
Never So Cold
Never Trust
Plan Of Action
Reflections In The Window
Running From This Moment
Silent Tears
Silent Somebody
Sitting On The Swings
Slowly Passing ByÖ
Small Impurity
Sorry (I Was Wrong)
The Door In the Dream
The Edge
The Old Man In The Gutter
The Silver Ball Carries ...

Was It ... ?
When I Needed ...
Where I Stand
White Doves And Paradise
Why Should I Try?
Written In My Heart
Your Last Belief
Your Wedding... My Dream
Where Is The Rain?
The Storm
  i) Cold Confusion
ii) Through The Window
iii) Itís Raining
iv) Cold Disillusions
v) After The Window
vi) Going Home
vii) Down The Path 
viii) At The End Of This Journey
ix) Harbour
x) All In All
xi) The Boat Comes In
xii) Departure
xiii) Sailing The Blue Skies
xiv) Storm
xv) Overboard
xvi) Learning To Swim
xvii) Washed Up
xviii) Lost

Things Lost
This Is Goodbye
Too Many
Unforgivable Crime

  i) Keep Me Warm
ii) Dear Victoria (One More Song)
   a) One More Song
   b) Dear Victoria
   c) Seems like ...
   d) Dream
iii) Dream Come True Skies
iv) Silently My Heart ...
v) Rose


this book is dedicated to
Lindsay Royales

"you have had to endure more
than any woman should."