Luxor the Moonprince The Lord Of Shadows
Morkin The Lord Of Lothoril
Corleth the Fey Korinel The Fey
Rorthron the Wise The Lord Of Thrall
The Lord Of Gard Lord Brith
The Lord Of Marakith Lord Rorath
The Lord Of Xajorkith Lord Trorn
The Lord Of Gloom The Lord Of Morning
The Lord Of Shimeril Lord Athoril
The Lord Of Kumar Lord Blood
The Lord Of Ithrorn Lord Herath
The Lord Of Dawn Lord Mitharg
The Lord Dreams The Utarg Of Utarg
The Lord Dregrim Fawkrin the Skulkrin
Thimrath The Fey Lorgrim The Wise
The Lord Of Whispers Farflame the Dragonlord
Free on horsebackFree on foot Fey on horsebackFey on foot Wise on horsebackWise on foot
The Free The Fey The Wise

Targ on horsebackTarg on foot

Morkin on horsebackMorkin on foot



The Targ


Skulkrin Dragon

Tower of the Moon