Mike Singleton For creating such a fabulous game.
Brian Walker (Domark)
Dave Lee (Domark) Thanks to DOMARK for granting permission to release this version.
Richard Maddocks for his work on the Z80/8086 transfer program, the PC graphic routines, the PC printer routines and general assistance on this project.
Chris Paul Billows Suggestions, Bug reports, and his original midnight WEB site Moon Palace
Jan Kapala LOM & DDR editors and tools
Steve Brown Suggestions
Neil Cameron For his original hack and info on the Movement Tables
Gerton Lunter For his Z80 emulator
Arnt Gulbrandsen and Chris Owen For making the original distribution of the conversions possible through NVG.
Jon Ritman For his encouragement after the release of the conversions that got me off my arse an into the games industry.
Blood For some reason or another!

 Anyone not mention above - thanks!

The Tower of the Moon