1.00 ??/07/91 First Release
1.01 09/10/95 Recompile
1.03 15/06/96 Added panoramic view rotate keys '-' & '='
Added "MIDNIGHT.PAT" to allow program changes
Added Key Redefinition
Added the MOVE AND SAVE option
Supported the Original Spectrum Palette
Supported the Original Spectrum Borders
Moved back to standard VGA from MODEX
****Fixed Printer Code
Added the ability to start with all Lords
Added the ability for any lord to recruit any lord
Added the ability to remove health decrease
Added the ability to recruit any race soldiers from keeps and citadels
1.04 05/11/96 Fixed panoramic view rotate keys
Added utterly tired indicators on Select Screen
1.05 07/02/97 Added Next/Previous Character select keys '[' & ']'
removed .386 MASM directive that had sneaked in so now works again on a 286
1.08 09/02/99 fixed the uppercase key problem in the load and save.
fixed a few places that wasn't using K_Yes, K_No and K_Load key settings.
changed Save game format in order to accomodate an editor change by Jan Kapala
Tower of the Moon