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2 Replies to “Slideshow”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I just wanted to say thanks for your excellent website and particularly for all the data format information on the spectrum games. It’s been presented and documented in a fantastic way and I really enjoyed looking through it all.

    Many many thanks for all the hard work you put in and I just wanted you to know its being appreciated.

    Best wishes,
    The iOS LOM game is great too!

  2. Hi Chris, I’ve been an admirer of yours and Mikes since before I can remember, first saving up to buy the LOM even before I had saved for the speccie, just so I could read the novella, still have the original box and overlays, I think one of the greatest advances in all the “remakes” was your midnight engine, which I’ve always hoped would either be able to be ported to win95/98 via dosbox or as a standalone, much to my dismay and obviously the copious amounts of hours/months of work you put in to the iPhone version, it never was realised. I’m a disabled ex copper, with too much time on my hands, if you need any help with graphics, I’m not professional, only self taught, but have a good working knowledge of textures etc with paint shop, if I can help in any way, please let me know with regards to anything you might need doing in that department, if any. I think the work you’ve done is exemplorary, and each step is a tribute to both yourself and Mike, well done on everything you’ve achieved, regards, Mark Lincoln

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