About Me…

  • Christopher Jon Wild
  • Born on January 16th 1971 somewhere in Newcastle, spent very little of my childhood there and thus no strong Geordie accent. Moved around a fair number if places until finally settling in Shaw, nr Oldham.
  • Got a schooling ( some English apparently ) and school was top fun. Made many good friends, had a real laugh, consumed copious amounts of alcohol, partied, girls and god knows what else I can’t remember.
  • Met Victoria and embarked on the start of a long relationship.
  • Started writing poetry at the grand old age of 15. Much of it influenced by teenage angst, much of it not right good.
  • Capricorn – obviously
  • 6ft 1′
  • capricornSpent most of my final years at school tinkering with my humble Sinclair Spectrum.
    Learnt to program in Basic and Z80 assembler and although never managed to actually finish writing a game, spent much time hacking other peoples, doing a fair bit for the magazines. Was the first person to have pokes published for a Spectrum 128 game. (Wow! I can see you’re impressed.). Still enjoy working out how old spectrum Games worked.
  • Worked in the local video shop and thus watched so many films that I’m not sure if my memories are mine or some top Hollywood directors.
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • 6
  • Cheesecake.
  • Finished reading Lord of the Rings.
  • Big fan of John Hughes films.
  • Garfield.
  • Coffee, Milk, One Sugar.
  • Converted Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s revenge to the PC back in 1991. Full story here.
  • Platform games & Shoot-em-ups. Now that’s the future.
  • Left school and went to college to study computers but left after the first years because it was cack. Could never understand why I had to learn accounts to be a programmer.
  • Got my first Job in February 1989 Working for MAP Computer Products, writing among other things “accounts software” and wished I’d paid more attention at college.
  • Thought Doom was great
    but never got into Quake.
  • Started writing a book… it will get finished honest.
  • Twin Peaks is probably the best TV programme ever made.
  • Blue.
  • Spent the next five years in the business sector before finally in an insane moment giving it up and joining the games industry.
  • I enjoy reading. Fantasy and Science Fiction, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, Egyptian History.
  • Worked for SCi, converted CYBERWAR to the Japanese NEC9821 a PC with a personality problem. Helped put XS back on track, Helped finish KINGDOM ‘O MAGIC – a rather good idea designed by Fergus “Delta4” McNeill. But poorly implemented in Good ‘Ol SCi Fashion.
  • Had lunch with Rutger Hauer – very big man.
  • Along with Fergus designed a new Adventure Enginewhich was to be used to make Ground Breaking Adventures – among other things. Developing many new ideas and techniques which were never used but similar things later appeared in Blade Runner and Grim Fandango. (Ho Hum!) The first game was to be Lord of the Rings.
  • Resigned from SCi after they carelessly lost the LOTR license.
  • Red/Green Colour Blind.Colour Blind Test
  • Live in the New Forest.
  • Had Lunch with Katharine Kerr and Alis Rasmussen (Kate Elliot ). Very nice people.
  • Have a very wide taste in music and thus too many CD’s for my own good.
  • Keep buying Hardback co pies of Terry Prattchet books and not reading them. I own all of them.
  • After 8 years finally got married to Victoria on July 2nd 1996 at Rhinefield House, Brockenhurst.
  • Marillion – Misplaced Childhood.
  • Joined as Technical Director, (and actual guy doing the programming)  Smoking Gun Productions. Spent
    many months designing another new Adventure Engine in the vain attempt to release a game using new ideas before anyone else. The game was dropped by Infogrammes “sight unseen”.
  • Developed Robosaurs versus the Space Bastards and had a real blast doing it. Was happy to work on an old Spectrum style 2d playable game with 90’s influences.
  • Released my web page.
  • Crompton House School, 1982 – 1987
  • Don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.
  • Our first child was born on 22nd July 2000.
  • Our second child was born on 22nd January 2003.

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7 Replies to “About Me…”

  1. Hey Jon –

    Very sad news about Mike – I remember him well as we (Domark) published LOM back in the early ’90s. We even had a huge CES Chicago party called LOM which was held at a blues club, starting at 10pm and ending at 4am, several times closed down by the fire marshal!
    Anyway, if you want, call me on 07976 295071 and maybe we can find a way to work on the title (I now run Kuju).
    Dominic Wheatley

  2. Hi there, with the sad demise of Mike Singleton, will doomdarks revenge be completed on the iPad, I’ve downloaded LOM and am really impressed with it but would love to see doomdarks


  3. I used to love Midwinter on the Amiga! One of my favourite games of all time and so immersive. I’ve been hoping a remake of this would come around soon.

    So how is progress? Need any more help? I’d love to get involved in this in any way I can…. 3D modelling, music… however I could help. What game engine are you thinking of using?

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