This document covers the strategies that I use when playing Lords Of Midnight.

Extract from the manual…
    "There are two distinct ways of winning a victory over Doomdark. The first is by war, by sending armies north to the Plains of Despair and seizing the Citadel of Ushgarak from whence Doomdark commands his foul hordes. In such a strategy, Luxor himself will play a major part as a commander in the field.
    The second way of winning is by quest, by guiding Morkin, Luxor’s son, to the Tower of Doom to destroy the Ice Crown, the source of Doomdark’s power.
   Morkin can have no army to help him on his journey, for the Ice Crown sends forth the ice-fear which withers men’s minds. By virtue of his birth, half-human, half-fey, only Morkin can resist the utter coldness of the Ice Crown’s power.
    If you prefer a pure adventure just concentrate on the quest of Morkin. The armies of Doomdark will still march south to conquer Midnight but the armies of the Free will defend themselves without your guidance, even though they will not make any counter-moves.
    If you prefer a pure war game, ignore the quest of Morkin and concentrate on the assault of Ushgarak.
    To play the complete epic, however, you should place equal importance on the war that Luxor directs and the quest that Morkin journeys on. Naturally enough, the complete epic takes the longest to play. Of the other options, you will find the quest the quicker game.

    Strangely enough the game doesn’t handle the completion of the complete epic however I find it a much more rewarding way to play.
    I’m going to take you on a journey through the playing of the complete epic. In my opinion to undertake the complete epic you have to achieve the following goals;

Recruit all 32 Lords
Defend Xajorkith
Eradicate all of Doomdarks hordes
Find and destroy the Ice-Crown
Finish the game with all 32 lords
    Item three includes not only taking Ushgarak, but having every Keep and Citadel in control of the Free, Fey and Targ alliance, and removing all armies of the Doomguard off the face of Midnight.

NOTE: this guide uses number references to Citadels and Keeps and Strategic Places

This following method is not necessarily the best and it is definately not the quickest and therefore probably not very exciting... but it works and helps to illustrate a few points theories.
I have broken it down into five distinct areas;

Background Information
The Theory
The Itenerary

and finally you should be able to play the game without this but it can give you futher insight into the technique. However this document follows a game played purely for the purpose of documentation. Which means a few things may have happened out of the norm.
Character Breakdown or Daily Breakdown
These breakdowns cover the the important first 20 days.

Tower of the Moon