Who Should You Vote For

I picked this up at struggling author and took the test …

Now, as a general rule I’m pretty conservative, although I’ve found myself on the margins over the last 10 years or so. I like to think of myself as a Capatilist with Social and Moral standards.

I’m not anti the current labour party although there is much about them I disagree with, but that is a problem I have with most political parties nowdays.

The results of the tests suprised me a little as it showed me as 43 conservative and 44 UKip – now the UKip vote is purely based on my stance on europe I guess and thus not really reliable. I was about 20 green and then somehting like -8 labour and – 20 liberal democrats; I guess I could never vote Liberal because of their stance on PERSONAL TAX.

I actually expected myself to be more wishy-washy than that and figured my consverative/ukip numbers were greater than I would have expected. I thought my numbers would have polarised around the centre of the graph more.

Then a colleague of my took the test; We have similar views, however his green was -20 and his labour and liberal democrat were much greater -ve numbers which kind of validated what I thought mine would have been but showed them differently than I expected the graph to represet them.

My green/labour/liberal were not as -ve as his and thus I probably agree with more of their policies than he does, which is more how I feel; a mixture of the parties would suit me fine. But my underlying tendency is definately still conservative.

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2 Replies to “Who Should You Vote For”

  1. Cool! Everyone I know who took the test ended up as Lib Dem, so it’s good to know it isn’t faulty / biased and does put some people over to the right!

  2. Chris,

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    Clearly not, given the way the stats worked out for you! 🙂

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