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Early morning in Pisa

I’ve been up since 6am, walking the streets of Pisa. The weather was likely to turn today and I also wanted to get some photographs around the leaning tower without people in them. More importantly i needed to justify lugging my tripod with me! The cloud was just starting to blow in when I left the hotel so I figured I had about an hour before the light would dull and the rain would fall.
It was interesting that there was a few straggling site seers around, I can only presume people getting read to leave, taking the last opportunity before they go. Alternatively they could just be mad like me!
Hopefully i’ve got some half decent shots, I’ll post them when I get back.
Last night we took the last tour up the tower – just as the light was fading; that was some experience! I was very proud of Victoria who once more grappled her fear of hights to add the tower to her conquest of the Statue of Liberty!
It’s 8am now – the bells are calling people to worship – I however need a coffee!!

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Summer Solstice 2008

Despite the rain... Visited Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice again this year; it was very wet. The whole family went for the experience but despite our misgivings with the weather before we set off, the kids were looking forward to it; so we went anyway.

It was very gloomy and very wet. At 8:30pm the stones were quiet so I was hopeful that a projected weekend contingent wasn’t going to turn up. At 4:30am it was apparent that they had. The Stones seemed busier than any other time, and they were definitely messier – the litter was appalling. I do wish some people would have a little more respect for others.

The rain fell for most of the night in some shape or form – came down very heavy just before sunrise. The sun was never visible through the clouds!

The kids spent most of the night asleep in the back of the Scenic; it was just a form of camping to them.

Biggest problem was the two hours it took us to get out of the car park. Normally only takes about 15 minutes. We spent a good hour thirty not actually moving!

It seems the car park was full; I have never seen the cars parked all the way to the back that’s for sure. And I think this created a problem when people started to leave – just nowhere to go. That combined with the little hill heading to the exit being a tad wet and the cars were started to wheel spin on it… I wonder how some of the later cars and vans would have got on…

Despite the rain... Umbrella... Umbrella... Umbrella... Umbrella...

Happy to be here... A Job to do... Just you and me...

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Just a reminder to whomever still finds themself visiting here ( [insert preferred diety here] bless you! ) that you can see a greater range of photos on my Flickr or Fotothing accounts.

Access to them can be gained from the links in the sidebar.

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Apsley House

In keeping with the photo in the Daily Mail, I don’t think that I ever mentioned that my photograph of the Duke of Wellington room at Apsley House, was used in an online Travel Guide by Scmap.

It was taken when Victoria and me stayed there.

Duke of Wellington

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