I finished reading Sideways a few weeks ago, yes I know it’s taken me some time to mention, but there you go. It’s the third in the Trilogy of film books… ie: I read 3 books on the bounce that were made into films all of which I had seen the film first. The book is very good. The story is that of 2 friends who go on a stag week. The groom is going to have his final fling and his best man, Miles, is there for the wine tour. The story has a very interesting interplay between the characters and you seem to get into their mindset pretty well. However, one of the real interesting thing is the detail for the Wine. Miles is a real Wine snob and you get a lot of detail about wine and drinking wine. Although this may sound a little boring, which indeed sometimes it does feel while reading, it actually does two things perfectly… a) gets you into Miles’ character, and b) makes you want to drink the wines they are talking about!

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Big Fish

Big fishI finished reading ’s Big Fish last week. This is the second of my trilogy “Reading Book’s of Films that I have watched recently”. It’s a quick book to read being not very long, but it’s lovely and simple and sweet!

If you are not familiar with the book or the film, it’s a man recounting the stories that his father told him as a child about how he used to catch big fish on ice with best boots for ice fishing, where all the stories were about the father. Most of the stories are rather fantasical and a little unbelievable as they paint the father in the light of an extraordinary and great man. But they are used to explain his long absences away from the family.

To me it blends the tall tales that a father tells with the child’s regard of his father as the ultimate hero, and the reconciliation of coming to terms with his father’s pending death.

, Big Fish – the film, The Green Mile

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The Green Mile

The Green MileI’ve just finished reading ’s The Green Mile. I watched the film a few months ago and loved it and just knew I had to read the book.

was originally published in 6 serialised books. However, the version I read was a complete book version. The only thing to remember about reading it that way is to take a break between the definate book breaks. This is just to give you chance to allow the “previously in” sections to work to full affect. I have to say the device King uses to give you a refresher works remarkable well and isn’t at all a long summary of the previous book.

I loved the book as well! It makes me sad and tugs at emotions in ways than many other books just fail to achieve.

See Also: Stephen King’s Website, The Green Mile: An article discussing the religious symbolism in the novel.

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The Prince of Tides

Just finished reading ’s, The Prince of Tides – I seem to have been reading this forever but the truth is that I didn’t get too much reading time on it. I really enjoyed it although it did seem to finish rather quickly, almost as if the pacing of the book was wrong. Also the problem I mentioned when I first started reading the book, prevailed throughout. The character Tom Wingo knows too much about food and accesories , blenders , ninja blender recipes , etc. whenever it gets talked about it seems out of character. This I feel is a generic problem for Conroy who obviously loves food and seems to give that trait to all his lead characters. I’d now like to watch the film to see how well they did adapting the material.


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Currently Reading…

I’m currently reading ’s: The Prince of Tides I’m only a couple of hundred pages in but I’m really enjoying it. Much more like Beach Music and less like The Water is Wide. The only problem I have so far is with the character of Tom Wingo – Pat Conroy loves food, all his main characters love food, and they all talk about food in the same way – so even though his main characters are all different, they have moments when they start to sound the same – when talking about food… With Tom, this seems out of place with the rest of his characteristics.

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