Organic Milk

Plastic Milk Bottles Supermarkets have done a pretty good job with all the variations of milk. You can usually identify the different ‘strengths’ with little effort. As a general rule being colourblind I’m against colour coding of any kind, but milk bottle tops doesn’t cause me a problem. Ok, some of the supermarkets use different colours, so you need to be careful which shop you bought your milk from but not really an issue. It’s a little like in ‘t old days when most people colour coded salt and vinegar crips in blue and cheese and onion in green, but one crisp maker did it the other way…
Anyway, my real beef is with Organic milk – what happened to colour coding? They all appear to have white tops… at home we have Full Fat milk for the kids, Semi Skimmed for me, and water (skimmed) for Victoria. Now when I open the fridge I just see a sea of white bottle tops and I have to read the label… jeesh! Ok, I can live with accidently using Full Fat but I might accidently pour water on my Shreddies…

Sticker on the lid to the rescue!See Also: best multimeter

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5 Replies to “Organic Milk”

  1. We get our organic milk in bottles from the milkman, and they are colour coded! But then it doesn’t matter, as we get full fat only. And the kids are on soya due to allergies.

  2. Rebekah was on Soya until she was about 3; she was allergic to milk protein and eggs. She has pretty much grown out of both of them now, but she can’t drink Milk as she does’t like it – She has it on cereals etc. She can’t stand Soya Milk anymore! She’s 5 1/2 now.

  3. Our eldest is allergic to just milk; it seems to have got better a bit, but it’s not completely gone. She’s a year younger than Rebekah. With our others (ages 3 and 1) we’ve just stuck to soya, mainly because it’s so easy for them to mix up beakers. They haven’t show any signs of allergy, and occasionally get ‘proper’ milk without problems.

  4. I’m guessing you shop at Tesco’s? We use them for their online service, and yes the tops are all white. Annoying. As far as I know, our local Sainsbury’s still has colour coded organic bottle tops.

    I can’t believe I’m commenting on milk bottle tops! 🙂

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