Prince of Tides

Prince of TidesI finally got round to watching the Prince of Tides. Having enjoyed the book so much I was really interested in how the film would pan out. Ultimately, I enjoyed it. However it is definatley a case of the book being better. Not suprisingly really as there is so much in the book that you just can’t fit into a film. It only ran for 2 hours and could easily have been 3.

The film seems to focus on the love story between Tom and Lowenstein, whereas I think that is just the skeleton in the book that the rest of the detail hangs off.

I didn’t actually like or in the leading roles as I felt they over acted them, however it wasn’t enough for me to dislike the film.

One of the things that I was really interested in were the parts that they left out. In the book there is a section about Luke Wingo toward the end which shows how he dies. While reading it I thought that this section alone would make a great film. So as the film completely glossed over it with only a few lines of dialogue, then I am absolutley sure it could make a great film in its own right… ( off to write a script… )

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