BT Home Hub

Day 2!

I spent a little time on the phone to an Indian call centre last night… BT’s official speed test site shows that my line is indeed 7.5mb but that my IP profile is currently 2mb… I fugure the IP profile is too low and needs upping… anyhow the guy from the call centre explained that it takes 10 days for the line to settle and for your profile to get set correctly. Personally I’m a little suspect and expect to go back to them in 10 days saying that the speed is no better.

A little searching online suggests that the 10 day thing is probably correct! 🙂 However, general opinion seems to be against the Home Hub. I did pick it up this morning from the Post Office, however, I’m not so sure that I will install it. I think I’ll stick with my netgear or get a newer version of the netgear etc…

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