Londinium in Photographs

I went to London on Saturday morning to take Photos. I blame Ferg, it was all his idea! Anyway I got up a 3am; I was meant to get up at 3:30am but woke up at 3am and had no chance of getting back to sleep. I drove to Ferg’s for 4:30 and then he drove on to s (Excel London) for sunrise – 6:59am. I think we were there about 6:45am

The sunrise was dissapointing mainly because of conditions and location, Victoria docks is not as good a location as it appeared to have been. However the light was good for taking photos. We then spent the rest of the day taking photos around Canary Wharf and Bank.

Here are some of the pictures, click for bigger views…

Leadenhall Street Circles... Head Tilt... The Leopold I The Gherkin Pied Wagtail Great Crested Grebe Excel London Have tripod, will travel I know there's a shot in here somewhere...

Wikipedia Royal Victoria Dock, Canary Wharf, 30 St Mary Axe, Pied Wagtail, Great Crested Grebe
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