The Fairy Party

Blowing out the candles Well, Rebekah turned 7 over the weekend! I obviously must utter the proverbial, “Where does time go..?” As usual, Victoria has spent a good amount of time organising the party and everything just about fell into place a few minutes before everyone arrived.

The Fairy Circle This year we had a fairy theme and we started with the invite. I wrote a small story about how Garak the evil goblin was about to capture the Guardian of the Forest and that we needed help from Fairy children to either stop him or rescue the guardian. The children all turned up in Fairy costume and with fairy names. We started the party by reading them the next installment of the story and then taking them through the Golden Arch, which was temporarily located at the entrance of our garden, and into the world of the Dreamgate. Once in the garden the had to find the Ice Crystal that Garak had dropped in the Fairy Glen. This gave them a stone and a riddle on how to find the next puzzle and prize. They slowly made their way around the Hub solving puzzles and playing games, before being let loose on to the plains to find the dwarfs that were holding the guardian.Rise of the Unicorn By this stage they had the name of the guardian which they called out at one of the gates on the plains… to then enter through the gate and find a Unicorn Pinata which they could beat the shit out of to release all the sweet treasure!!!! Then back to the garden for fairy themed food.They also got lots of presents including a mothercare discount code for me which made me very happy 🙂

Cake Again, Victoria had created a masterpiece of a cake.

We were massivley lucky with the weather – it was beautiful all day! And the kids seemed to have a whale of a time.

We then rolled into a BBQ for the adults after the party. A good time all round.

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The Devil went down to Georgia

TentSo, despite the fact that all weather forcasters were forcasting really bad rain with some really bad wind for the weekend, we still went camping.

The first thing that I must point out here is that was not intended to be a camping holiday. It’s not about finding some idyllic place to spend a relaxing time, we do after all live in the New Forest, this is about five families getting together for a social weekend where all the kids can play together in a relatively free and safe area.

So, five families went down to Holmsley on Friday. Holmsley is about 30 minutes away from our house and thus close enough that we can bail out at any stage. The blokes went down first and set up the tents. The weather at this point was dry with a slight wind. We found a suitable location to create base camp, high enough away from the possible and very likely rivers of rain that would be descending into any camp placed at the base of any hill, and sheltered by a small copse. Five tents were pitched around a central multi-gazebo-covered eating and drinking sdtation, with an en-suite gazebo-covered field kitchen.

Friday went pretty much without hitch. The kids loved the freedom they got. We ate plenty, drunk plenty, and retired to dry and relatively comfortable tents.

Saturday. It rained! No really, all day! Yes, I know rain all day was forcast, but hey it’s a bit like the spanish inquisition. Despite that, the rain never put us off. We spent all day generally lounging around the camp, eating, drinking, and making adjustments to parts of the camp that would be affected by the water. We had to cancel the dressing up part of the western BBQ party that we were having as dressing up is pointless when you have to walk around in wellies and a coat at all times.

The kids loved the freedom they got. They got very muddy and very wet and went through all the extra changes of clothing that was brought for them pretty quickly. We ate plenty, drunk plenty, sung along to western themes and country soungs, and then retired to semi-dry, if a little suspect, and relatively comfortable tents.

It rained all night and the wind was pretty angry. I was sure that we were going to lose a tent or two either to the wind or the rain. It was a far cry from the experience of last year. Do you know what is the worst think about lying in a small tent, pitched near large trees, with a tropical monsoon coming down around you; newly forged rivers of rain winding their way around your tent creating makeshift moats around your thin, semi waterproof clad castle, and wondering how long it’s going to be before the hurricane that is whirling around you is going to take you off to oz? It’s having spent all day drinking beer and cider and needing to go for a piss every 30 minuites!

However, we didn’t have to bail and our little campsite pretty much held up. We didn’t get much sleep but we had a lot of fun…


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Bicycle… Bicycle…

Rebekah rode her bike on Friday for the first time without stabilisers. What was most striking about this is that she actually did it first time, no gradually getting used to it, no failed attempts… just on and go. I have to say that I was very suprised as I have never taken her as someone with the right amount of balance, focus, and concentration to ride her bike. Just watching her on her scooter or her bike with stabilisers she looked unbalanced to say the least.

Jacob looks like he will be riding very soon as well. He can ride his bike but can’t set off from a standing start… a bit more practise and he will be there. Im already looking at the top 10 mountain bike brands to buy for him when he gets it right.

I was so proud of them both!

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ButlinsOk, just got back into work after a weekend in . The reason we went to Butlins was because Victoria wanted to take the kids away for a weekend of fun which is something that Butlins offers. The reason for was because it is just 30 minutes down the road from IBM which meant I could drive there on Friday after work and then back here Monday without needing to take any costly leave.
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Chicken Pops!

Jacob has or “Chicken Pops” as he calls it. He’s so happy about it! I’m not sure he will be as happy when the itching kicks in to full affect! However, we are glad that he is finally getting it out of the way as he’s managed to avoid picking it up for so long.

Wikipedia Chickenpox

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