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Sunrise at Dead Man’s Hill

Dead Man's Hill - Roger Penny WayI took this while on my way to work yesterday…

This New Forest tree sits on a road bend at the top of a dip and has little else around it. It has pride of place at one of the highest points in the New Forest and you can view it almost in isolation on a full 360 panoramic. Many days I have watched the sunrise and sunset behind this tree, it’s just a matter of direction.

Deadman's HillApparently the area gets its name from the fact it was used as a mass grave during the second world war… I don’t know if this is true or not, just picked it up from a partial accademic paper on the net!

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Port Solent

I bobbed down to Port Solent to take a few pictures yesterday after work.

Spinnaker Tower Porchester Castle   The Moon!

See Also: Spinnaker Tower | Porchester Castle

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As I was about to get out of my car at work, I noticed this on the bank on the opposite side of the road… I managed to grab these pictures from within my car, window down, style!

Green Woodpecker Green Woodpecker

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Took the kids bowling yesterday. They loved it! Both of them are on the competitive side. Anyway, Victoria won by 7 points… arse!

Rebekah - Watch this one go... Jacob | See, it's easy... Jacob - Yes!
Jacob - Air Hockey Rebekah - Air hockey

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