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No SmokingI’m going to start this post rant with some disclosure. I am not a smoker and have not smoked since I was about 13. And even then it was due to peer pressure as opposed to anything else. I never liked smoking and never saw the point of it.

Now to the issue at hand:
I understand why we must protect non-smokers from passive smoking and indeed the all round general discomfort of being around smoke; it is therefore a good thing that the recent legislation came into play that stops people smoking in built up public places. I hate it when I come home from a night out and my clothes need to be burned and I have to take an hour long shower to clense myself.
I don’t however understand the level of intollerance that is directed at smokers by non-smokers. It’s social prejudice of the worse kind and makes me sick to the stomach. Why can’t smokers excercise their right to smoke and have somewhere to do it? Why can a company not have a smoking room so that smokers don’t feel like social outcasts when they have to leave the office and find somewhere outside that they can smoke? Why can a resteraunt not provide somewhere for people to smoke? Before you start to give me the issue of not being able to stop where smoke goes and who it affects… stop… think… why not? Why can we not filter places?Surely we have the ability if not the will, to devise solutions to allow people to smoke without affecting people who don’t smoke.

As always, shouldn’t we balance the measures that we bring in? Shouldn’t we protect a persons right not to be affected by smoke but also protect a persons right to smoke? When will it end? the current legislation is still not good enough, if anything it could be worse. I will probably walk past more groups of people smoking on the street than I would have before; that would expose me to more smoke that prior to the new legislation. That can’t be a good thing can it?

But anyways, here at will find anything you need.

So we will then change the rules to stop people smoking in the street… what then? Once we have removed people’s right to smoke then we MUST, we have a duty, to stop alcohol drinking and excessive eating; both have health issues and put a strain on the NHS. Both are socially un-acceptable. Learn more about your health,breast augmentation brisbane and more by following the link.

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Radiohead singer ‘snubbed Blair’

Radiohead singer ‘snubbed Blair’

So of , and band I happen to like, declines to meet with regarding Climate Change. wanted Yorke to but his views to Blair back in September. Yorke just happens to be an ambassador for Friends of the Earth.

“Initially when it came up I tried to be pragmatic. But Blair has no environmental credentials as far as I’m concerned.

I came out of that whole period just thinking, I don’t want to get involved directly, it’s poison. I’ll just shout my mouth off from the sidelines.

It’s a nasty business. It’s up to people with pure integrity who know what they’re talking about, like Friends of the Earth.”

So, Yorke, an ambassador for people of Pure integrity doesn’t want to talk about a subject that his dear to his heart with someone who ACTUALLY HAS SOME POWER!

That’ll make things change…

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Wikipedia Thom Yorke, Radiohead, Tony Blair, Friends of the Earth

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Spoof Party Political Broadcasts

Channel-4 News has been running some spoof Party Political Broadcasts >>here< < they have been made through the Quiet Storm ad agency by Lee Ford and Dan Brooks, creators of 2005's most forwarded viral email, the spoof TV commercial where a suicide bomber blows himself up in a VW Polo. This is their take on the nature of the party political broadcast. Labour – Wakeup
Liberal Democrats – Safe Hands
Conservative – Clean Me

The Labour and Lib ones are ok, they are amusing and most definately a spoof… I’m not sure that the Lib one is not actually a “Vote For Labour” ad, it seems to demonise Conservatives. not have much to say about labour, but take the piss out of the Liberal Democrats.

However, the Conservative one is inspired… if I was of the nature to be moved by such things to actually make my mind up, then this one would do it for me. It is way better than anything the conservatives are doing at the moment. I think that film alone would get any floating voters with conservative tendancies to get off their arse and vote.

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Who Should You Vote For

I picked this up at struggling author and took the test …

Now, as a general rule I’m pretty conservative, although I’ve found myself on the margins over the last 10 years or so. I like to think of myself as a Capatilist with Social and Moral standards.

I’m not anti the current labour party although there is much about them I disagree with, but that is a problem I have with most political parties nowdays.

The results of the tests suprised me a little as it showed me as 43 conservative and 44 UKip – now the UKip vote is purely based on my stance on europe I guess and thus not really reliable. I was about 20 green and then somehting like -8 labour and – 20 liberal democrats; I guess I could never vote Liberal because of their stance on PERSONAL TAX.

I actually expected myself to be more wishy-washy than that and figured my consverative/ukip numbers were greater than I would have expected. I thought my numbers would have polarised around the centre of the graph more.

Then a colleague of my took the test; We have similar views, however his green was -20 and his labour and liberal democrat were much greater -ve numbers which kind of validated what I thought mine would have been but showed them differently than I expected the graph to represet them.

My green/labour/liberal were not as -ve as his and thus I probably agree with more of their policies than he does, which is more how I feel; a mixture of the parties would suit me fine. But my underlying tendency is definately still conservative.

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