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Well another year of Big Brother is over and I have to say that despite any comments that I’ve read in the press about this year being the worst year and that maybe it has run its course, I thought this year was one of the best. Yes it had its moments of cringe TV that I couldn’t watch, and yes it had a couple of times where I couldn’t watch for a couple of days, but on the whole the people I disliked went out relatively quicky.
I usually find the first week the hardest to watch, there is just too much cock strutting taking place but it usually settles down quickly. If Shabaz had not gone so quickly I think I wouldn’t have been able to watch. Dawn being ejected was a blessing and the early exit of Sezer was good. I was also glad when Grace went. Of all the new entries over the weeks, I disliked Sam and warmed up to Aisleyne. I really disliked Spiral and found it hard to watch while he was on. Michael and Suzie never bothered me either way, but I didn’t like Jayne. I liked Jenny.
By the final week I was happy with the contestants that were left and had any of them won then I wouldn’t have been so bothered, however Pete was always my favourite despite the fact that I disliked him intensely the first 24 hours. I liked Nikki the first time around but found her utterly detestable when she re-entered the house. My biggest concern was that she would also bring Pete down.

On a related but seperate note… I really hate what Channel 4 have done with the BB website. I used to like going there frequently to read the BB stories, but now I just find that all the adverts get in the way and so I have completly stopped visiting it.

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