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lagunaII.jpgCar was in for it’s MOT yesterday. The only problem relating to the MOT was worn brakes. As it was in the garage, I took the opportunity to get a new key card and have them reprogrammed. I also asked them to look at the faulty tyre pressure sensor that has been giving me grief for over 12 months now.

The final bill was over £550! I grumbled very loudly and the price was brought down to £460 by reducing the labour hours. Now, how come someone can reduce the labour rate without getting managerial authority? That sir, suggests to me that the prices include and “optional” discount.

The final labour was 3 hours at £66 an hour. How does an MOT, changing a sensor, and changing the brakes take over 3 hours?

I still need to fix the front fog light glass. Fix the passenger side speaker, and fix the

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