BT Vision

I got BT Vision over the festive period… actually I got it a week or so before but I didn’t get round to installing it until the holiday period.

I didn’t pay anything for it, I got it as part of my current Broadband Package. Basically one day a sales person from BT phoned up and said; “If you agree to sign up for another year to your broadband package, we will reduce the cost by £2 a month and thrown in this BT Vision thingy for you…”

No brainer really… apart from the fact that apparently I can’t recieve freeview and I need the BT Home Hub which I don’t use. Anyway, I decided to set it up anyway… plugged it into my router instead of the Home Hub, plugged it into the aerial… and off we go… all the Freeview channels with interactivity and recording and playback and…

The kids are happy because they now have proper access to CBeebies and CBBC!

So I finally moved closer to the world of Digital… but I kept my side of the bargain… I didn’t pay anything for it… didn’t even have to change the aerial as I expected to! I told you that they would need to make me move over!

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