EgluWe got chickens coming… we’ve ordered an from Omlet with two chickens. They should be with us by 27th May!!!!

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Canadian Geese

Canadian GeeseThe Canadian Geese have been slowly returning to North Harbour over the last few weeks. I find it interesting to watch them wander around the grounds in groups of two… they pair for life… are they happy? Who knows they always looks the same! 🙂

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As I was about to get out of my car at work, I noticed this on the bank on the opposite side of the road… I managed to grab these pictures from within my car, window down, style!

Green Woodpecker Green Woodpecker

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The land that ’s buildings occupy at North Harbour – portsmouth, has a lot of wildlife in it. Basically there is a lake and lots of surrounding land and trees etc… There is a lot of bird life including , Canadian Geese, s, s, s etc… and an absolute ton of rabbits.
Anyway, while heading in this morning I noticed 8 Herons just stood around in a circle in the middle of a field. They look like some sect or something. set to worship some god or another…

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Jilted Generation

Everyone seems to go on nowadays about the current degeneration of this generation…. s everywhere… we all know that it’s the previous generations fault, and because the problem is actually due to a lack of discipline and direction from the parents, then that means that the problem started many generations ago and all those Old cronies stood gaggling about the “Youth of today” wearing their and standing about on street corners… can rinse their hair safe in the knowledge that it is all their fault.

Anyway, more importantly than all this is the fact that I think the problem has manifested itself in .

Cat in mailbox We have a number of cats around our house, and when we moved in 4 years ago we inherited a cat with the house. I know that sounds odd, but the cat had been bought when the owners moved in to a brand new house 18 years prior and they were now moving to and coudn’t take the cat with them. So it seemed such a shame to us that the poor thing would get put down after such a good innings, that we decided to keep the cat. It lived another year before croaking it with age related internal problems. To be honest, the only thing the cat was good for was keeping the garden free of other cats. I guess their is some in there somewhere!

Now, to tie all this information together; when I was a lad cats used to shit in the soil and cover it over. Cats were considered a clean pet unlike a that will drop its load anywhere. But it seems that the hoody wearing of today is quite content to shit wherever it feels like and leave it for someone else to clean up. Sound familiar? Yes yes I know it’s only cat poo, but its actually a problem when you have little kids and worse still for babies and pregnant women. Cat poo is a carrier of . Not to mention the more important issue of your kids trailing cat shit around the house!!!!!

So is this a problem that has managed to jump species or are we looking at a more serious evolutionary problem? How long before we are giving ASBOS to cats?

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