“It’s the most excellent cats that are missed the most”

About 14 years ago Rebekah and Jacob visited the Eden Animal Rescue in Cumbria with their Grandparents and picked out two brother and sister kittens, who they named Timmy and Tilly.
I’ve never really been bothered about pets since leaving my parents home, but when we moved house in 2012 I felt that the house needed a cat, but it wasn’t until early the following year that we managed to get one. Bob and Joyce moved from their home in Cumbria and Timmy moved ‘down south’ to join our family.
Sadly today he passed. He has had a heart condition for a long time, but as a result of that two weeks ago he very suddenly had a blood clot which temporarily robbed him of the use of his back legs. Over the following few days he became more mobile and appeared to be having a miraculous recovery, however he stopped eating and became even more withdrawn; he was in Kidney failure. In the end only his heart or his kidneys could be treated, not both, and treating one would cause the other to fail.
He’s stumbled through the last few days but was a shadow of himself.
We were preparing for today, and am so grateful that despite the subdued nature of this Christmas period we were able to spend it with him.
He was a loving cat, friendly, and funny. Extremely picky about his food, and always overly interested in whatever you were doing. Often a pain in the arse when he would choose to sit on you as soon as you sat down, even if he was quite comfy where he was already; frustrated the hell out of me many times. But I don’t think I really understood the bond between human and pet until Timmy. Last night, I sat watching TV until the early hours of the morning, just so that he could deaden my legs for the last time.
Taking him to the Vet this morning with Rebekah was probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.
I know I will miss him terribly. The house already seems empty with out him.

Full gallery of Timmy pictures…

*Thanks to Fergus for the post title.

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The First Eggs

Two Happy Customers... We’ve had the chickens a little over two weeks now. And much fun has been observed. The first two nights involved tempting them into the eglu at night to roost as they were getting very agitated, but seemed unable to do anything about it. Placing a torch in the bedding area did the trick. We closed the roosting area for the first few nights while they got used to it, but have left it open since. This allows them to get out into the run as soon as it becomes light enough for them. After the first 3 nights they took themselves off to bed as soon as they are ready. Interesting, Pecker – Jacobs Chicken usually goes to bed around 9pm whereas Rebekah’s bird Egna, will not go to bed until about 9:30pm.
After the first week we started giving them their freedom during the day. So they now spend from about 7am until 9:30pm is wandering the garden. We just wait for them to take themselves to bed and then lock the run.
Having them in the garden has been interesting, they have managed to kill one part of my flower beds – to be fair most of the damage was done by the kids chasing them off the beds!
Egna disappeared for a while on Wednesday, we eventually found her in some of the thick ornamental grass chunks that we have… anyway she had formed a lovely little nest and deposited her first egg! We’ve had one a day since then but all the rest have been in the Eglu. The eggs are small at the moment, but by all accounts they keep getting bigger because we use the best chicken coops from http://www.cheapportablechickencoop.com.They are the best portable chicken coops advisers online so if you are interested be sure to check the website.

In the nest... ( the first egg )

First Four

When eggs and lego Collide

When eggs and lego Collide

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They’re organised, I know it…

Egna and Pecker The chickens turned up yesterday. The kids were excited from first thing in th morning. Jacob was up and ready at about 7am, he was going to “watch out” for the chickens delivery; which we already knew would be about 2pm!

They turned up around 3pm. The nice man from Omlet built the Eglu and then gave us the run down on looking after our new egg machines.

They seemed to settle alright; got a little agitated at around 10pm when then couldn’t quite work out where to roost. I placed a torched in the Eglu ( as the nice man had suggested ) and that seemed to do the trick. We decided to close the door on them while they get themselves sorted and into a routine.

Rebekah was still awake and watching them from her bedroom! She was also up at 5am to open the door and let them out!

Egna and Pecker Egna and Pecker

Egna and Pecker Egna and Pecker

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EgluWe got chickens coming… we’ve ordered an from Omlet with two chickens. They should be with us by 27th May!!!!

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