Accident and Emergency

Rebekah went on a school trip to Fairthorne Manor on Monday. It was her
first trip away from home. So needless to say that Victoria was a little
apprehensive to say the least, even though it was only one night.

At about 10:30pm Monday, we got a call from the Headmaster telling us that
Rebekah had managed to cut her head open; she’d been returning from the
toilet and walked into the bunk ladder ( or something like that ). Anyway,
they were taking her to A&E – did we want to meet them there.

I met them at Southampton General. Rebekah was tired but on the whole ok.
It was a nasty little cut, close to her left eye, but nothing a couple of
butterfly stitches wouldn’t sort out.

We were out of the hospital by about 12:30am, so I was home by 1am.
Rebekah went back to Fairthorne with the teachers, there was no real
reason for her not to, and she would have been devastated had she missed
the second day.

One thing that struck me about the hospital was that they have a separate
reception for children and adults; which is really nice. You can sit there
with your children and not have to worry about the drunks and the waifs
and strays.

We picked Rebekah up from School on Tuesday evening… she was shattered!

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