Well, the weather finally broke near us last night, and the rain eventually fell. it’s been threatening to storm all week, but to no avail. The days and nights have been getting muggier and muggier.

Anyway, I fell asleep last night with the windows open listening to the rain. I love the sound of hard rain hitting the trees. Since moving to the south of england, one thing I noticed is the difference in the rain. Northern England has rain than lingers around, drizzles for days on end. And I know this will sound odd, but it’s like wet water. It gets you really soaked through to the bone even though it doesn’t seem like it’s raining much. It’s a bit lile the difference between hard and soft water areas. We live a hard water area, full of limescale, etc. The water eats detergent for breakfast and is easier to dry yourself. Northern water is soft and fluffy and keeps you wet no matter how many towels you use! Southern rain comes in monsoon like bursts. It rains hard and then moves on.

Last night was like that, big fat water droplets. The temerature, although still warm, was cooling and I fell asleep to the pleasing sound of rain hitting the oak and chestnut trees.

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2 Replies to “Rain”

  1. Dude, you write well. Black Velcro Shoe is a masterpiece. You should try your hand at cinematic, more action-wise texts.

  2. Yes, I intend to follow this area. I have a few ideas waiting to be played with, but at the moment most of my ideas are channeled based on my Creative Writing course. I try to pluck current ideas when they fit.

    Thanks for reading… your support is appreciated.

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