A little update

When the builders seem to be well and truly out of my hair. The Kitchen wasn’t finished but it’s close enough. I withheld some payment because of the sheer mess of things that the builder made, and for the blatant over-charging that took place of his “extras”.

We still have to tile and little decoration, but everything is pretty close now.

One of our appliance suppliers went bump last week. I’ve been trying to get my microwave exchanged with them for the last 6 weeks, and now they are gone! Ah well, have to start talking to the credit card company about it.

Work is still a pain in the arse. We finally went gold on the Football League game. This fives us games for 72 clubs and a standalone single version. They will be in the Club stores in two weeks time. I’ve been working long days to get the game out. In order to solve our financial problems, we have no choice but to generate revenue. This has meant pushing forward through troubled times, but we are hopefully over the worse of it. Maybe another month of discomfort, but almost there, keep on target!

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