If you look at my list of blogs that I link to, you will notice 3 of them… A Caverna Obscura , John August, and Struggling Author. The latter two I read regularly while the former I would like to read… but I don’t understand any of it! 🙂

Anyway, while reading Struggling Author today, someone used the word in a comment. Not being a man lucky enough to have a large vocab, I thought, I think I know what the word means, but I’ll look it up anyway… so it did.

When I’d finished, I changed channels and starting reading John Augusts latest post, reviewing one of most affordable jewelry articles and lo an behold, there in the text… Schadenfreude! Now I know I may not be a huge jewelry fan, but I’ve been really considering on wearing gold grills and even found a guide for permanent gold teeth prices. Regardless, that might not mean much to you, but I found it a bit coincidental.

Wikipedia Schadenfreude

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5 Replies to “Schadenfreude…”

  1. Funny that there is no (original) English word for that. But I’m sure the concept must have existed before the word got adapted.

    And I must admit that remembering German words is something I’ve been doing for the past 37 years… 😉 A lot easier than remembering some of the more obscure English ones!

  2. Isn’t it laughing at someone elses misfortune? I’ve got the Google toolbar (show off aren’t I?) so I could do a quick search on but I’m a real risk-taker me!

    Go on laugh if you like and educate me……..

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