Ads by Google

Ok, I know that Google offer a lot of good services; they are my search engine of choice, things powered by Google Map like But I’m getting fed up with their Adsense stuff. I’m not sure who’s problem it is, Google or the person using them, but I am fed up with

Ads by Google

them popping up in the most inappropriate places. Look, I’m never going to click on it – out of principal it will never happen! Do’t take up all the top of your page with Ads by Google an leave your content at the bottom – I will never get to your content because I will have left your site! As a rule I can cope with the sky scrapers at the side of the page as they are usually non obtrusive, but not in your content!!!!

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2 Replies to “Ads by Google”

  1. It’s up to the person who created the page as to where they appear. Usually the adverts are fairly relevant to the content of the site/page and the webmaster can amend the content if it isn’t, but I agree that they are overused. Less is more!

    Hell they aren’t as bad as pop-ups or those flash things which take over the page.

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