Timbles Silverlight

SphenI mentioned previously that I was working on a new project.: Timbles. I also mentioned that I was developing it under Vb.net. And I also mentioned that I was using DirectX3D using SlimDX… Well… things changed…

The game was coming along nicely, and I had taken it into school and installed it on a number of their machines, and on the whole it was working ok. Their were just a few things niggling me about the installation process. That is; it was a pain. I felt it was coming a big ask to get people who were not used to installing games, to install DirectX. And not to mention that some of the machines struggled installing .Net2.0 – once everything was installed it all worked a treat. The process was just a little off putting.

Over the last 6 months I have done very little on Timbles. I started writing the backoffice code that would become the Measurements Server for the game; the idea is that everything that happens on the game is recorded by the measurements server so that teachers can run reports to see how the kids are performing. However, I didn’t touch the game much.

Anyway, last week started doing some work with Microsoft Silverlight, ( for those of you not familiar with it – think Flash ), and I’ll touch more on the specifics in a later post. Anyway, I now have almost all of Timbles running in a browser. Which means it is supported on all the platforms supported by Silverlight.

Here are some screenshots. Please excuse the poor quality – I hadn’t realised that I’d saved them in rubbish quality mode!

Timbles Menu
Main Menu
A Busy Screen
A Busy Screen
Just Starting A Level
Just Starting A Level
A Quiet Screen
A Quiet Screen

Level Rollover
Level Rollover

I hope to get a version running on my site for testing purposes, over the next week or two.

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Further attempts to blog remotely…

I used to be able to blog by just sending an email to my blog email
account. That stopped working during one of my server moves many years
ago. However, determined to get that back up and running I had this
morning tried to configure all aspects of my blog software and hosting
packing to automatically accept emails and post them onto the blog.

If you are reading this, then you know that buying cheap youtube views worked!

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Just a reminder to whomever still finds themself visiting here ( [insert preferred diety here] bless you! ) that you can see a greater range of photos on my Flickr or Fotothing accounts.

Access to them can be gained from the links in the sidebar.


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Apsley House

In keeping with the photo in the Daily Mail, I don’t think that I ever mentioned that my photograph of the Duke of Wellington room at Apsley House, was used in an online Travel Guide by Scmap.

It was taken when Victoria and me stayed there.

Duke of Wellington

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This green and plastic land…

As I mentioned other other day, the Dail Mail wanted to use one of my pictures for their Island Plastics article on plastic bags. As it turns out, it’s not just an article but a campaign. Anyway, the picture got printed on page 3 of the Daily Mail today! Wehey! So chuffed! It was also seen on the BBC news and available online!

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