Looking for work…

Well as of today, I am officially looking for work. I’m not unemployed per se, but I need to supplement with some contracting work. I’m really after very short term work that I can do from home, or longer term work that I can do at home with hours that suite me ( not asking for much I know! ). Ideally placed for development of databases and Word or Excel apps. Also ideally placed for tools for Game Development – I’ve done a bit of that! 🙂 I can also write technical manuals, specifications… Hell – I can do pretty much anything!

Anyone stumbling across this post who doesn’t know me, I am a more than capable programmer who has been in IT Dev for almost 20 years – shudder! Contact me for more info.

Anyway, I’m hitting the agencies today… watch this space…

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3 Replies to “Looking for work…”

  1. Chris,

    Don’t forget to send me your CV. As I can recommend you personally, it will carry more weight internally than contract agencies if a contract job comes up.

    We have an office in Southampton, so even if working from home is not an option, you could probably do work from there.

    Good luck with the job-hunting anyway.


  2. Hi Chirs,

    Sorry to hear that things have not worked out. You and the boys have done your best.

    I hope that you and your family are well.

    All the best


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