Strangely Sensitive New Year

I was doing some site stats checking with Google and found a link to my site from the blog Venusberg. The archive link is from 2001.

Now Dan Griffiths, I think that’s his name, seems a intelligent enough chap, his blog in general is interesting enough to read, but I found it odd that he should choose to take a pop at me…

…but has still found time to write an unbelievable amount of terrible poetry and spawn a wain. Which means he must have had sex at least once. Well, probably, anyway.

Now, I’m not going to argue with his comment, there is indeed a large amount of terrible poetry on my site, I did after all write it in my mid to late teens, and I’m not particularly educated in the ways of literay rules and styles. Not to mention the fact that I am crap at English Language; but I still found it odd that he should randomly use me as his jibe of the day.

I can only presume he found the site because of Lords of Midnight and decided I was cheap content for his blog. It seems it was/is his MO as ParallaxView states…

Dan Venusberg is normally a man seemingly content to fritter away his intellect making cheap digs at minor bloggers,

Although I wasn’t actually blogging back then…

The upshot of all this is that it actually pissed me off! Now I’m not a man prone to sensitiveness and self esteem issues, but I actually considered removing stuff from my website! What is all that about?

So Dan, Happy New Year and thanks.

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One Reply to “Strangely Sensitive New Year”

  1. Unbelievable!! What a nasty piece of work and pretty insensitive. From a very new blogger to a fairly experianced one – Don’t remove a thing. He’s small minded and in need of a life… do not give him the satisfaction of yours.

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