Pasta MachineMade for the first time at the weekend. Kids helped out in their own way. It’s not the quickest thing to do but it’s not the hardest either. Although I doubt I will make my FabulousPasta every time I have pasta, I will tend to do it at the weekend. Use the pasta machine for flattening the pasta and cutting and , even managed to makes some Crab and Salmon based .

Rebekah making pasta Pasta Pasta

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3 Replies to “Pasta”

  1. What fantastic photos! Have you got a new camera or something ! 🙂

  2. Great stuff. Whenever you make ravioli, be sure to make small ones, as they roughly double in size when boiled.

    I also haven’t made pasta myself for a while, but whenever we’ve got guest and decide to do pasta I wheel out the old Imperia machine… Nice and relaxing to do too, and the kids find it fascinating and want to crank the handle (your daughter seems to enjoy that too!)

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