MementoI watched Memento over the weekend. What a film! Highly recommended.

I won’t go into any real detail as if you haven’t seen it then just go an rent it out. However the basic plot is that Leonard has lost the ability to transfer short term memory to long term, and thus forgets everything very quickly.

The film starts with him killing Teddy and works its way back from there. It is depicted in short burts of scenes that work their way back. So for example, you see Leonard in the cloak room of a diner, he re-enters the diner and the waiter brings him something telling him that he left it on the table. The scene cuts. We then see Leonard enter the diner and the events that took him to the cloak room unfold. Scene cut. We then see the action prior to him getting to the diner.. etc…

What this means is that a) you know what happened and then just need to find out why it happened. b) you have to think about the film because you are getting everything in the wrong order.

By the end I felt that the story had been very good and the delivery exceptional.

stars as Leonard and does a very good job. It’s actually a little odd because I think he is basically playing the character as if he was playing the character. You could easily swap one out for the other. he kind of looks like Pitt and his acting is straight from a number of Pitt films.

Very enjoyable viewing.

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