John Humphrys

I’ve been thinking this for a while, but is the most annoying, antagonistic, interviewer going… ever time I hear him interview people he just seems to force confrontation, has an air of superiority, becomes belittling, sarcastic, opinionated, and for me seems to be generally out of touch.

This morning he was interviewing Andy Duncan, the Chief Exec of Channel4, and to me Humphrys just came across as an out of touch pratt. It seems he doesn’t like most of what Channel4 shows, and thus it must be bad TV that lowers the tone of broadcasting.

I must make sure I turn off the radio whenever he’s on.

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2 Replies to “John Humphrys”

  1. Couldn’t help but disagree Chris: Jeremy Vine. I’ll not post my feelings on his interviewing style/manner in case young children happen across this. However, to say that he stirs things for no other purpose than to sensationalise, apparently for his own gratification, could be construed as an understatement…

  2. Tigon, I’ll give you Jeremy Vine and probably many others. It seems that this the style for most interviewers nowdays. However, the thing with Humphrys to me is the smugness of him and I don’t get that from the others.

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