Doomdark’s Revenge

I know it’s been a while since I posted or did anything on this project, but I finally got round to doing something again today.

Firstly, I wrote a lot of code for DDR back in October 2006, I had a good few programming sessions on it, and then as usual faded away. I coded most of the NPC’s AI; Follow Liege, Follow Foe, Go after Object, Go home, Do Nothing, Approach a Lord, Pickup Objects on their travels, and Move. I coded the moving mist and wild thing regeneration. I also coded most of the battle code… and then I got distracted by shiny objects.

Since then I’ve changed computers and compiler; so loading up the project yesterday I found that it didn’t compile in a big way. So tonight I have mainly spent all the time fixing compiler issues… and there are an awful lot of them.

One of the other problems I have had with the project is that the graphics are getting so complicated that while running in debug mode, the project runs a little slow. I’ve been putting up with it because it isn’t so bad in Release mode but slowly it has been getting me down and distracting me from the issues. It’s hard to test logic if the frontend isn’t working properly.

I’ve wanted to move the graphics subsytem to make use of the hardware. By moving the 2d logic to use 3d cards I would be able to massively speed everything up. However, I’m not a 3d programmer and again the task just keeps distracting me away from things.

I had a word with Jon Alma today who has been working on the Legends Engine and hopefully he is going to knock up a quick wrapper for some OpenGL stuff that will allow me to move the graphics forward and solve the speed issues.

So today I felt that I made a little progress…

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20 Replies to “Doomdark’s Revenge”

  1. Can you translate that into English with a northern accent for me please?

  2. Hope you find time to crack on with this. It was a total trip playing LOM with your engine a couple of years ago. Would love to play this much improved DDR. Good luck.

  3. I hope this project isn’t dead. Used to love this back in the old C64 days. Never completed Lords of midnight. Guess i better get to it. Hope to see this finished when i pop back in a few months maybe, as i normally do. Fingers crossed it will be done by then. πŸ˜‰

  4. Yeah stay with it Chris, i’m really looking forward to it! and just think, the sooner it’s done, the sooner you can crack on with “eye of the moon” from scratch πŸ˜‰

  5. I really hope you can see this through to completion, because what I’ve seen of it looks even better than your Lords of Midnight conversion.

  6. Doomdarks was my favourite spectrum game by a long mile. I was delighted to see the site of downloads, when I got a new computer.
    Sadly I can’t seem to download anything. On the website it says to contact you with any problems. The problem comes when running, I end up being directed to sites trying to sell me stuff to do with file extensions.
    I’ve got a brand new compyter with vista. can you help?
    p.s. Humphrys on that celebrity painting programme, a couple of years ago, was the most obnoxious nob I’ve ever seen.

  7. Hi,

    please go on !
    It was so great to find your site, and to see that someone is still as hooked on this game as I am.
    They were my favoured games since the 90s, and I still wait that on of th new games has an atmosphere as thick as they do.

    Thanks for the conversions !!! I’m still playing them !

  8. David,

    Firstly you need a program to extract zip files…. something like winzip. However, unfortunately, DOS Lords of Midnight, and DOS Doomdark’s Revenge no longer work under windows. Vista has changed many things and therefore old DOS applications like this no longer work. I would recommend a program call DOSBOX to allow you to run these programs under Vista.

  9. Hi Chris

    I said I’d pop back in a few months, well It’s 8 months to be exact. Again I hope this isn’t dead. I’m 39 this year I got about 40+ more years, I hope. So as long as it’s done before the year 2050 I’ll be happy. No rush, πŸ˜‰

    Take care Chris πŸ˜‰

  10. Hi Chris, I just played the 3d version of lom – 2 days straight (ah the memories!) I loved it. I have read that you and Andrew are getting together for a 3d version of doomdark. I’d love that even more. Is it going to happen?

    Thanks again.

  11. Well I’m back again, 6 months away from my 40th. Again i hope this project isn’t dead. I’ll keep popping back until i can no more…..:-)

    Cheers Chris

  12. I also hope this project hasn’t hit the trash pile as I remember in my youth playing this game for hours on end. I hope someday soon I can do it all again.
    Fingers crossed you guys manage to sort out the issues that have caused doomdarks revenge to be delayed.

  13. After all these years I have got to play LOM once again and the windows version (midnight engine) works with Vista 64, so happy.

    Any word on Doomdarks revenge? This game is as fun to play as it was way back then and I really would love to carry on playing.

    Thank you for taking the time to make this possible.

  14. Just thought I’d add my voice to the chorus..

    1) Love your updated version of LOM

    2) Genuinely hope the DDR project isn’t dead – a bit like Jon, in that I definitely don’t want to appear to be hassling you over it though! All the best with it if you are still tinkering away in your spare time.

  15. I LOVE this game! Fantastic work. Similar to everyone elses comments, I hope you feel the need to complete this one day. Thank you for what you have done.

  16. I have fond memories of DDR. Would have been great to replay it with your updated graphics. Hope you will concider finishing it one day. πŸ™‚

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