When I wanted sunshine I got rain…

It’s funny how things pan out. While camping on Saturday night we were all sat around singing to country songs. Some s came on and I happened to mention that he wrote a few tunes for . Despite delving deep into my brain I couldn’t remember which one, although it just happened to be one of their, if not the, biggest hit. No one could come up with a title and without access to the internet, the thought passed. Obviously it was of little real significance and I never gave it another thought. Driving in to work this morning, I thought that I must do a look up when I get to my desk, I turned on the radio around nine, tuning into The show, and was just coming to the end of his “Tedious Link”… which just happened to be The Monkees: , penned by Neil Diamond! Ker-Ching!

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2 Replies to “When I wanted sunshine I got rain…”

  1. Neil Diamond also wrote “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” for them if I am not mistaken.

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