I’ve been on holiday in for the last week. It was the first time Victoria and me have had a holiday in 7 years. Yes, we’ve done the odd weekend away with the kids, or even the odd night away without them, but this was the first real holiday.

We drove up to on Saturday 31st March to drop the children off with my parents; they kids were so looking forward to a week with their grandparents, and I think that overall helped with the decision to go away without them. I shalln’t drive with the children again during the day, all we had for 5 hours was Jacob asking, “Why are we no at Grandie’s yet, this is BORING!”

Sunday morning we got up at 4am and drove to Manchester Aiport. It has to be said that for an International Airport, Manchester is a dump! For both Arrivals and Departures we should be ashamed of it.

We flew to Munich Airport, which I have to say is just so lovely; a better airport I have never seen. We flew with Lufthansa which was a realy nice flight. The small plane was suprisingly roomy; I had no problem with leg room at all. There was drinks and food during the flight, albeit a ham sandwich, but it was good nonetheless. Although for transfer time we had only 20 minutes until boarding started, we made the boarding with 15 minutes to spare! The whole process was effortless.

We then flew from Munich to Naples Airport which turned out to be not much better than Manchester Airport! Again the flight was good, with another sandwich and drinks to see us through the 2 hour journey.

The italians showed there usually ambivalence to security… we arrived and walked straight out to baggage claim and then out of the airport – no checks at all!

We picked up the Hire Car and then the fun began…

Flying over the Alps from Munich to Naples.
The Alps The Alps The Alps The Alps

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ButlinsOk, just got back into work after a weekend in . The reason we went to Butlins was because Victoria wanted to take the kids away for a weekend of fun which is something that Butlins offers. The reason for was because it is just 30 minutes down the road from IBM which meant I could drive there on Friday after work and then back here Monday without needing to take any costly leave.
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It was Victoria and mine 10th Wedding Anniversary on the 2nd July, so we went camping… Originally we were going to revisit the hotel that we had out honeymoon at; La Source in , however my current Job and Financial situation stopped that, not to mention putting paid to the hotel!

The next option was to go away for the weekend, which my parents had offered us. They were going to come down and look after the kids while we went to London or somesuch. However, the idea of camping came up amongst our friends and in the end we said “why not?”

So on Friday 30th June we headed down the Holmsley on the south edge of the with 4 other families; 10 Adults and 10 children.

We had a fantastic time. We set the tents up in a circle all facing each other, with Gazebo’s in the centre covering the tables. We had our own little community sprung up for the weekend.

The camp site is not the best, but it has plenty of room and flat space for the kids; they were able to all go and ride their bikes around without any problems. It used to be and old airfield and many of the turning circles and things are still in place and are used for roads etc…

Saturday caused a problem; the match! England vs Portugal… what were we to do? Anyway, the blokes headed off to find a local pub that were showing the match and the women stayed behind the man the fort and prepare the barbeque for later! We watched the match through the windows and doors of a pub that was too hot and full to stay inside of, but actually we had a great position and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves despite the result.

When we got back to the site, the girls had decorated the camping area with balloons, anniversary bunting, “just married” signs, and pictures drawn by all the children. In the background their was music that we had used for our wedding; and . It was fantastic. We had a wonderful night and a wonderful weekend.

It was bloody hot though!

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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland ParisWe took the kids to over the New Year period. The kids loved it! We flew from Southampton Airport with Air France to Paris, Charles de Gaulle (). It’s a big airport, I think we took longer taxiing on the runway that we did actually flying! Flight was good and we had an simple transfer to our Hotel – it took about 45 minutes. We stayed at the Moevenpick Dream Castle just on the outskirts of the park. It takes about 5 minutes to get there on a shuttle bus.

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