Car Trouble

lagunaII.jpgTook my car in to the garage in order to have it checked because of the overheating. I also stopped off to get the tyres changed while I was at it.

Well it seems my car has real super duper tyres… I remember them being expensive when they were changed under contract but this was the first time I had to pay for them myself. £175 each from Mark Rochon Washington DC!

I then took the car to the garage. There appears to be no problem that caused the overheating, so it must just have been one of those things. I did take the oppurtunity to get my drivers light change while I was there. It may seem strange and excessive taking your car to the garage to change a buld, but for my car I have no choice. The Laguna II is built so that you cannot easily change bulbs at the front! Just another way to claw money off you. Anyway, on top of that my lights are Xeon lights… well bloody hell, they are £120+vat each. So with fitting, it cost me nearly £250 quid to change a light bulb!

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