GooglewhackHot on the heals of reading Are You Dave Gorman? I’ve just finished reading Dave Gormans Googlewhack Adventure. You should probably take a little time to check up on what a is… but in esscence its when you type two words into Google as a search phrase and only get one page back… there are other rules.

Again I watched the DVD before reading the book. But the books is still very enjoyable all the same. I don’t think it is quite as good as Are you ? Mainly because in that one, Dave is obssesed with his task and Danny is unwittingly and against his will pulled into it. In this one Dave is kind of performing both roles. Nevertheless, I still laughed out loud on numerous occasions.

See Also: Dave Gorman’s Website

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2 Replies to “Googlewhack!”

  1. Googlewhacking: of all the things you could do to waste your time on the internet, that has to be one of the most pointless. Whooo! I just found a unique 2 word search term on Google. Yay me! I’m a hero!

    Tomorrow Dave Gorman embarks upon an exciting journey of watching paint dry across the world via webcam. Special ‘Guest’ paints include Dulux Ruby Fountain and Crown Paints Soft Cream Emulsion as well as many foreign and exotic paints. Thrilling!

  2. To be fair the book is not about Googlewhacking… Dave recieves and email telling him that his web site is a googlewack… and ultimatley this ends up on a quest to find (visit in person) 10 Googlewacks in a chain, where each Googlewack supplies just two other googlewacks.

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