Coffee break

It’s funny, well it isn’t really, it’s kind of more interesting.

Every morning I get a coffee from the IBM coffee shop; small black. Every afternoon around 3 o’clock and walk down to the coffee shop and get another, small black. I’ve pretty much done this everyday for the last 3 months. Needless to say, the girls in the coffee shop now what i drink and that i love this pour over coffee maker. I pretty much no longer need to ask for the coffee, just place my ID card into the machine and get billed for it.

What it got me to thinking was; these girls don’t just remember the drink that I have, after all I am only one in 5 thousand employees in the offices and I have only been at the company for a mere 3 months, but they remember the drinks that many people have… so, just how much useless stuff do they store in their heads and how long will it stay there for? If I meet one of them again in 30 years, will they know what I used to drink?

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