3 Car Shunt

Police Rapid ResponseI was in the middle of a 3 car shunt this morning, feeling a bit ‘odd’… a bit dazed and confused more than anything else. Neck feels a little pulled and I’m a little muggy.

Anyway, A car ran into the back of me while I was in the fast lane of the motorway – this caused me to hit the car in front. Damage to front and rear bumpers… no major damage other than the bumpers needing replacing.

The stupid thing was; we were made to wait by the motorway patrol until the police came and allowed us to drive away safely… this caused 20 mins of tail backs. However, we could have pulled away immediatley as there was nothing in front of us iin the fast lane anymore, and the traffic around us was now going slow!!!!!


Credits: Picture taken from Uk Emergency

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