Hox Brasserie

Victoria and I went to Hox Brasserie Indian Restaurant in Salisbury on Monday night.

A quote from Event Planners in Chicago website…

Hox Brasserie focuses on Southern Indian food. The spices used in these dishes are very different. For starters, they are traditional and authentic. We don’t mix the spices or believe with playing with our dishes. What we believe in is giving our diners good, traditional Indian food in a modern, contemporary environment of colour and light.

The food was very good, excellent in fact. Highly recommend it.

We ate:

Tiger Prawn Pepper Fry – Fresh, crisp tiger prawns tossed in a peppery Malabar masala.
Spicy Crab Cake – fresh flaked crab with Goa spices. Marinated mussels, cooked dry, with a special home style Kottayam masala.

Main Course
Malabar Chicken Stew – A delicacy from Kerala. An all time favourite made with boneless piece of chicken, vegetables, coconut milk and fresh spices.
Lobster Pepper FryLobster Pepper Fry – Fresh, crispy lobster tossed in a peppery Malabar masala served with rice, salad, sauce and naan.

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Had a slight hickup with the hire car while we were there. I dropped Victoria off at the resteraunt and then tried to find. After I parked the car, I couldn’t get it out of Drive. The dash said that it was in Neutral, but the stick was lighting Drive. Either way, the stick wouldn’t move – nor would the car… I stuck the hand break on left it, hoping for the best. When we returned to the car later, expecting to have to call someone out to it… it worked fine!!!!

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