Victoria and I go swimming on a Thursday night, and last night I finally let the frustration of evening swimming sessions get to me. So here is my rant about people swimming…

  1. If you are at a public swimming session, then you are probably not an Olympic swimmer so, those trendy, flat, tinted goggles make you look like a t**t.
  2. Choose your swimwear carefully, those tight shorts or long waist line speedos, make you look like a t**t.
  3. Strong “power” swimmers who will not got in the “fast lane”, annoy me.
  4. People who swim head down, front crawl, and expect you to get out of their way because they can’t see you, annoy me.
  5. People who swim on their backs in crowded lanes, see point 4.
  6. People who spend most of the session talking at the end of the lanes, annoy me.
  7. People who spit in the pool, you are a t**t.
  8. Do you really need to have a bottle of power juice at the end of the lane?
  9. Attractive women who wear small bikinis, you are very distracting, but worthwhile being there… 🙂
  10. Sales people, annoy me.
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