Doctor What…?

I watched for the first time in ages, well the first time since became foot doctor Mississauga, well actually I only watched the first three with as the ninth Doctor… anyway… what a pile of old tosh!

The production looks like a cheap old American made for TV movie, actually a bit more like their TV adaptations of things by . The acting is terrible all round, including Mr Tennant ( sorry Marie ) and the story was awful… how do these scripts get made?

BTW: Ecclestone seemed a better Doctor than Tennant.

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5 Replies to “Doctor What…?”

  1. Well might you apologise! But on the basis of that one I’m not surprised you came to those conclusions. So, so dreadful. And impossible to act well under those circumstances I’d say. I’d suggest you try to get hold of ‘Girl in the Fireplace’ as bet example of tennant-era Who and then make your mind up. Sorry you had to sit through that one though…

  2. Agreed – many of the other Tennant episodes are top-notch. This one was rather plodding and very missable.

  3. Chris, Dr. Who’s fab!

    I’m living in Phuket, Thailand now and have’nt seen much British TV for years. I bought the whole of series one and two on DVD, pirate, of course, and I think its great.

    BUT I’m only onto disc two of the first season. I hated Dr. Who as a kid and I only bought it as someone sent me the special with Catherine tate in, I was hooked. Mind you I’ve just bought Ugly Betty as well and I think thats good!

  4. It seems I may have to watch a few other Episodes to give it a real chance… I will add them to my Lovefilm list!

    Hope everything is good in Phuket… strangely enough I was just having lunch with an ex-IBMer who is currently teaching in Phuket… seems to be a popular place to go.

  5. ‘Girl in the Fireplace’ is definitely the episode to watch, in series 2 (or is that season 28?).

    I have been disappointed with the third series so far, the second series was the best IMHO, even if I had seen the last 20 minutes of Doomsday before I even started to watch series 1…

    But there are shortcomings in the series, some of it is cheap production, sometimes the writing isn’t up to par. But I do suggest you give it another spin. And don’t expect to see hard science fiction, of course.

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