Lovefilm – Part Deux

Saving Private Ryan
’s war epic about one mans task to find a soldier and bring him home. Despite all the blood and gore, and the first 25 minutes it is unrelenting, I really enjoyed this. [IMDb]

Shark Tale
I din’t actually watch this, but the kids seem to enjoy it. [IMDb]

Sin City
Hated this! This was the only film that I didn’t watch all of – I just couldn’t bare how bad it was. Some people might call it stylish, it just thought it was cheap and poor. [IMDb]

Spider-Man 2
What can I say, Spiderman; well executed Hollywood movie. Even Victoria enjoyed these!. [IMDb] [IMDb]

Gideon's DaughterStephen Poliakoff’s Gideon’s Daughter
I originally watched this on TV one night a few years ago. I watched it alone during a particularly stressful and vulnerable time in my life. It is the only film that has every made me blubber, not just a tear in the eye or a lump in the throat, but a full on, few minutes of uncontrolled crying. There is something about the story of a Man becoming less and less part of his own life and having to re-evaluate his relationships with his friends, colleagues, and family. I’ve watched it a few times since and although I still like it, it does seem a little clumsy. However, the central story between Gideon and his daughter is still very strong. and play those roles particularly well. [IMDb]

Tarzan told the way. Enjoyable apart from the music. [IMDb]

Bourne SupremacyThe Bourne Supremacy
This was too much the same as the original. Ok to watch but a little bit damp. [IMDb]

The Constant Gardener
Although this seemed a very slow plodding film, I really enjoyed it. it tells the story of Justin Quayle, a man who finds his wife murdered and then seeks to uncover the reasons behind her death. If I had any quibbles with it, it would be that Ralph Fiennes plays Ralph Fiennes. He could have been making The English Patient.

The Devil Wears PradaThe Devil Wears Prada
Really funny! I thoroughly enjoyed this. does a sterling job as the head of a Fashion magazine and therefore industry. is really good in it as well. [IMDb]

The IncrediblesThe Incredibles
at their best – what can I say? [IMDb]

The Lake HouseThe Lake House
I really liked this story of two people communicating through time via a post box. Lovely story that is well worth the watch; even is good in it. [IMDb]

Passion of the ChristThe Passion Of The Christ
Horrible! I enjoyed the subject matter of this but I do think it was a little bit too much. I had to watch it in two sittings! [IMDb]
See my previous post: The Passion of The Christ

The WildThe Wild
Not bad, but not playing the Koala Nigel! [IMDb]

The Corpse BrideCorpse Bride
Typical . I enjoyed it, but I think the kids enjoyed it more. [IMDb]

Toy Story 2Toy Story 2
I was surprised that it took me so long to get around to watching this film; fantastic in all the usual ways. [IMDb]

Treasure PlanetTreasure Planet
remakes , in space. Ok. [IMDb]

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Wikipedia Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg, Shark Tale, Sin City, Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Disney, Phil Collins, The Constant Gardener, Meryl Streep, Pixar, Keanu Reeves, Pixar. The best part of the film is actually [wiki]Eddie Izzard, Tim Burton, Treasure Island

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4 Replies to “Lovefilm – Part Deux”

  1. Pretty much agree with you on most points, except for Sin City…. NOOOOO!! It’s an excellent film! Go back and watch it again!!

  2. “If I had any quibbles with it, it would be that Ralph Fiennes plays Ralph Fiennes. He could have been making The English Patient.” Huh? Wow. That was really very…hmm. Firstly, the characters Mr. Fiennes plays in each film were polar opposites of one another. In the English Patient, he was stubborn, selfish, cold, yet deeply passionate. Whereas, in the Constant Gardner, he was agreeable, selfess, warm, yet weak-willed. It is completely asinine to suggest the man is somehow “playing himself” in both movies, especially when the roles are so different. He is an (acclaimed) actor who’s in the business to *gasp* act, not to play himself. One has to wonder whether or not you actually watched either movie to make such nonsensical statements.

  3. Shav,
    You may say that he was all those things, but to me, they both came across the same. He played himeself in the same way that Connery plays himself, they same way that Hugh Grant plays himself, and the same way that Jim Carrey plays himself; although with those actors it is because they only have one role.

    Another fine and acclaimed actor Anthony Hopkins falls into the same trap every now and again. Sometimes you just watch them and think, that’s your default role that you’ve slipped into.
    So, although he may be a fine and acclaimed actor who is “acting”, I just didn’t buy the seperation of characters across these two films. Sorry.

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